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Traditional Greek dishes for March 25th Celebration

This past Sunday, March 25, Greece and Greeks all over the world celebrated Greek Independence Day. March 25th 1821 marks the day when Greeks declared their independence from the Ottoman Turks after being under their rule for 400 years. On this day, Greece and the Greek communities all over the world also celebrate the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. On March 25th, Greek students parade in their traditional Greek costumes (the boys dressed in the skirt outfits with the 400 pleats that symbolize the 400 years under the Ottoman rule, and the girls dressed in traditional folklore costumes). This is a big celebration in Greece and on this day every Greek is very proud to be called Greek.

This time of the year, in Greece, is also a very nice time. With the flowers and the almond trees blooming, everyone is in their celebratory spirit. As with any Greek holiday, Greeks are very much into good food and drink. On this day there are a couple of special dishes that Greeks prepare. As you will see on my post I, too, made the traditional dishes that are expected to be eaten on March 25th.

Greek Garlic and Bread Dip - Skordalia

Served with Fried Cod

On this dip I went a little bit too far with the garlic. I love garlic and the amount I put in the recipe, that’s what you should use. But I had an extra clove peeled and couldn’t resist but put it in there. When my husband walked in the house from outside, the smell of garlic overwhelmed him. But despite all that the dip came out to taste delicious.

Greek Fried Potato Salad

The Greek potato salad is always prepared with boiled potatoes that you let cool and then add the olive oil, lemon juice, chopped parsley and chopped green onions. I went a bit far this time and wanted to fry the potatoes after I boiled them. The crispness on the outside and the tender, mushiness of the boiled potato inside, gave it a bit of texture and more taste.

Fried Cod in Beer Batter

Batter for cod

Thanks to my sister in law, in Greece, who told me to put beer in the batter. She also suggested that I put a bit ouzo in there too, to give it an extra flavor. But I decided against it. I didn’t want to be drunk after dinner. It’s enough I had to finish the rest of the beer, that I didn’t use in the batter.

Cooking these dishes

These dishes make quite a mess in the kitchen. Be prepared to wash down your stove, back splash and maybe your floors. It’s much easier to go out and buy fish and chips or even go to a restaurant and enjoy them there. But where is the fun in dirting so many pots and pans and having to clean them up after? (I’m joking here). All joking aside, and besides all the mess I a made, and the fact that oil splattered on my clothes, my hands, and I needed to take a shower after, because I smelled like I came out of the kitchen of a greasy greek restaurant joint, where you hear the waiters shouting "cheeburger, cheeburger" (remember John Belushi on Saturday Night Live), these dishes came out delicious. My husband would have been happy with just spaghetti and plain marinara sauce from a jar. But I had to go all the way and make these dishes. After all they did turn out to be delicious tasting. And if you ask me if I would do it again, yes I would, next year this time or on Greek Palm Sunday when Greeks eat this type of meal again.